Andy Hix

Mindfulness and Wellbeing Coach

London, UK


Andy is an entrepreneur, well-being coach and community builder.

He helps people overcome stress, anxiety and burnout so that they can feel empowered, joyful and liberated.

At university, he became obsessed with saving the world from climate change, but after the failure of the 2009 climate negotiations, he became disillusioned with activism.

Years later, he discovered meditation and realised that the best way to change the world was by changing himself.

He went from being anxious, distracted and disconnected from his emotions to feeling much more calm, relaxed and happy. His passion comes from sharing what has helped him in a way that’s easily accessible to others.

He is continually working to deepen his practice through courses, coaching, retreats, reading, podcasts, yoga and meditation.

Integrity is central to his work and life, and he only teaches practices that he uses himself.

The beliefs that shape his work are:

1. There is an innate goodness in everyone.

2. Everyone can change, if they really want to.

3. Self-love is the greatest healer.

His proudest achievement is turning his passion into a business, which allows him to have a positive impact on people’s lives, every day.