Carers Need Care Too Program

Healthcare workers on duty.

Carers Need Care Too Program

Carers Need Care Too

            FREE 8-week Mindfulness Program | FREE Meditation Classes | 50% OFF to all our Yoga Classes                                                                                                                                             


Supporting healthcare workers mental health during social isolation

Healthcare workers on duty.

Healthcare workers on duty.

We know the last few weeks have been tough for our carers. Endless hours spent at work, with some of their colleagues tested positive for COVID19, with friends and relatives sick with it. We know the reality behind working for the NHS is tough. We know that there are cases that skipping lunches becomes the normality. There are cases of mental breakdowns, emotional instability, anxiety, and sleep disorders. Our carers are overwhelmed, frustrated, exhausted, mentally fatiguing, and emotionally labile. They struggle.  


8-Week Mindfulness Program | FREE 

Healthcare professional burnout is the number one issue to address, according to Headspace. Now more than ever, we need to be a team. More than ever, we need to help our healthcare staff build resilience, deal with anxiety, and manage uncertainty. They need the practice to keep them anchored and provide them with the much-needed stability in the surrounding chaos. Now it’s a significant time to make sure they have a bit of ‘me-time.’

That’s why we created a program devoted to NHS heroes, medical students, pharmacists, and key workers. From stress management breathing techniques and yoga poses for boosting your energy to healing guided meditation for better sleep and deep relaxation techniques, these classes offer numerous practical tools designed to support healthcare employees in caring for their mental health. Below you will see that we have already used these tools successfully to several employees who do high stressed jobs (e.g., banking, law, police) and many healthcare professionals worldwide (e.g., California, London, Greece).

The program consists of 8 sessions infused with yoga, meditation, and powerful breathing techniques. Each one of these classes takes place for 1 hour every Sunday at 11 am via ZOOM. In terms of the classes, each one of the sessions is devoted to one of the 8 challenging areas a healthcare employee is facing these days, including:

1. Difficulty to sleep

2. Stress management

3. Lack of Concentration

4. Bad Posture

5. Difficulty to relax

6. Extreme fatigue & exhaustion

7. Lower back issues

8. Lack of flexibility

There are no more than 20 participants in every session, so everybody can feel equally supported and verbally adjusted and assisted.



Why Consider this Program and Not an Online Application?

– We discuss in person (via online video) with the attendants and adjust each session to be tailor-made to their specific needs – every single session is 100% personalised.

– We are able to adjust and assist the participants verbally while they are doing each pose – that way we can make sure they won’t potentially causing any harm to themselves.

– Meditation and yoga are human-centric activities and that’s why human interaction is the key for. Also, practising yoga or meditation as a part of a group of other healthcare workers creates empowering emotions for the participant.


Why does this program and not watch an online YouTube video instead?

– Unless the practitioners are booked into a yoga/meditation class, they have no discipline to actually turn up – the risk of losing their slot and their money will keep them being consistent and keep creating this so much-needed me-time.

– They can’t be sure how they doing in practising certain poses or if they are potentially causing harm to themselves unless they have a teacher to check their alignment and verbally assist them.

– They feel busy all the time by more pressing things to do (like cleaning the bathroom for the second time that week). That’s why including a weekly slot with their favourite instructor on their weekly calendar builds a healthy routine they need.




Online Meditation | FREE for NHS employees & Carers

Mindfulness Yoga | 60 minutes – We practice Yoga through breathing exercises that will help us to activate our parasympathetic nervous system. You’ll stretch your body, and practice some restorative movements and we will learn ways of switching off.  will help you to switch off and better relax

Moving Meditation | 30 minutes – Through moving meditation practices we learn how to make space for experiencing challenging emotions. Also, we learn how to express our emotions with certain body movements

Progressive Relaxation | Body Scan | 60 minutes – Did you know that 20 minutes of deep relaxation can be equal to 4 hours sleep? Join us in this class and give permission to your body to slow down by calming your racing mind. In this class, we will practice together progressive relaxation which will certainly leave us in a sharper state the next day!

5 Ways to Meditate | 60 minutes – Through this experience, we will learn how to both be creative and committed while practising 5 different types of meditation (body- scan, breath awareness, walking, mindfulness, and moving)

Guided Meditation | 60 minutes – discover the power of practising guided body-scan meditation and invite your body and mind to experience deep relaxation. Close your eyes and allow your breathing to purify your body and recharge your mind


Online Workshops & Webinars with a 50% OFF | Carers

Practical Meditation: A Simple Step-by-Step Class | 60 minutes – In this webinar, we will unfold a series of group meditation practices as a healing art for day-to-day life. Experience meditation as a way to broaden your capacity to move through life with more ease. We’ll practice meditation through affirmations and visualizations that will enable us staying fully present and feeling re-energized.

3 Techniques to Turn Stress into your Best Friend | 60 minutes – In this online workshop, we’ll practice 3 mindfulness techniques aiming to help us developing focused awareness and acceptance of the present time. Also, we’ll learn how to use a few stress management tools that will help us feel more productive and better focused.

Breathing Online Workshop | 60 minutes – This online workshop is designed to explore a variety of breathing techniques. We’ll practice 3 breathing techniques including the Box Breathing technique, deep diaphragmatic breathing and the Lion’s Breath. Through these techniques, we’ll learn how to calm our nervous system on demand.  


Online Group Classes with a 50% OFF | Carers

Hatha Yoga | 60 minutes – slow-paced yoga practises designed to help you self-regulate your stress levels and relax your nervous system. Through mindfulness, visualization and relaxation techniques adults learn to calm their minds and relax, which can significantly help with bedtime and sleeping issues Open to all levels.

Yin Yoga | 60 minutes – discover the experience of a great full-body stretch you can do without props, anytime, anywhere. This class is meant to be a passive practice that we focus on the fascia and deep connective tissues. You relax the muscles as you hold the poses for 2-5 minutes.

Restorative Yoga | 60 minutes – the absolute gentle class that will allow you to practice a slow-paced sequence that will enable you to release tension in certain areas of the body and reach a kind of moving meditation. This is a practice where every practitioner can explore themselves through creating space and this is why it’s ideal for all level from absolute beginners to advanced

Yoga Nidra | 60 minutes – discover the powerful practice of reaching this state of consciousness between waking and sleeping. This practice is infused by a re-energizing guided meditation. Through this session, you will experience how simple is the process of releasing stress and letting go! Open to all levels.


Pricing | Private Group/1-2-1 Yoga Classes with a 50% OFF | Carers

Bespoke sessions can take place via ZOOM/Skype/Facetime and are suitable for 1-4 people so that you can have a buddy discount where you can share sessions between up to of 4 people and divide the cost. To make life easier we now take payments instantly and securely over the phone by Debit or Credit card. Other payment methods are available as well.

All prices are per 60-minute session are eligible for a discount if a block of classes is booked.

– 1 private class costs £80/class

– Block of 10 classes cost £64/class (+20%)

– Block of 5 classes cost £72/class (+10% off)

– First-class is £ 40 (+50% off) which means that the first class for a healthcare employee is with a 90% off


What our Clients Say About Us:

Anastasia Lita Kontaxaki Surgical Nurse, California: I learned box breathing technique from Alexandra on a ZOOM live video. As a surgical nurse, I often find my self in very stressful situations where I have to keep calm and act fast. I had notices that when I was stressed my breathing was very fast and shallow. The box breathing technique is something I can definitely use at work and in my everyday life to help me calm down, de-stress and recenter my thoughts.

Chrysanthi Valka Director at RBC Wealth Management, UK – “Alexandra has a wonderful personality that transcends in the way she communicates with her clients during their practice. Her way of teaching yoga and mindfulness encourages confidence, presence, and gratitude which you feel you can take away and use even when you are away from your yoga mat.”

Krasi Serafimov Consultant at Wells Fargo, UK – “Alexandra was very friendly and passionate about what she presented. I was part of her mediation/mindfulness group at Wells Fargo and Alexandra showed us several breathing techniques and encouraged everyone to participate, whether they were a beginner or a pro. At the end of the session, Alexandra was approachable and shared additional information with me regarding her training and workshops.”


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