3 Ways Yoga Makes You a Runner

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3 Ways Yoga Makes You a Runner

3 Ways Yoga Makes You a Runner


There is no better time than now thinking about the extra ways of complementing an intense training program while you are at home. Working and living our day-to-day lives at home means that we now have more time to devote to a daily training program. If you haven’t already seriously considering making yoga part of your training plan, now is the time!

On a 2019 report from MINDBODY, Yoga seems to be the group exercise Americans prefer across all age groups. Not only that, but if you are a runner or a person who loves cross-training, then yoga can add extra value to that and allow you to unleash your superpowers. Here are 3 reasons why yoga can add powerful benefits to your day-to-day running routine.


1. Diaphragmatic breathing for runners

There are some pranayamas (breathing techniques) in Yoga to enhance our practice and calm our mind. One of those techniques is belly breathing, also known as diaphragmatic breathing. This technique allows you to relax your nervous system, decrease your cortisol levels (stress hormone) and help you achieve greater calm and focus.

Belly breathing is also a technique that allows you to maximize your oxygen intake while you run. The way it works is by engaging the diaphragm to build more space in your chest cavity, allowing your lungs to expand fully to receive more oxygen.

2. Running with weak core muscles can cause pain or injury

Science continues to affirm that strengthening the core muscles is recommended but is 100% crucial if you are a runner. Several research studies indicate that if you have weak core muscles, especially in your lower back area, you’ll be having other muscle groups of your body compensating by kicking in with up to 45% more force.

Research shows that core strength is essential not only for athletes but also for everyone to perform everyday household chores with ease and efficiency. By practicing Yoga, we practice low planks, side blanks, bow, and cobra poses that can be very beneficial in strengthening our core muscles.

3. Even 1-hour Yoga per week can help you build strength

According to another study, researchers found that even 1 hour of Yoga per week for a continuous period of 12 weeks can help the practitioner see improvements in strength. On top of this, the study showed that a 12-week Hatha yoga program produced beneficial changes in cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and endurance, and flexibility.  The benefits of practicing Yoga even for as little as 1 hour every week seem to be powerful.

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