How Yoga Makes You a Runner – Part 2

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How Yoga Makes You a Runner – Part 2

How Yoga Makes You a Runner – Part 2

During this pandemic crisis, one of the very few outdoor activities we are allowed to practice is running. And that’s why most of us have thought that maybe this is the perfect timing to get started with some short-running workouts. Especially now, we don’t need to commute, see friends, or engaging social events.

Yoga is a great way to stretch, re-energize the body, and release tension. But how Yoga can best prepare us to become better runners? Yoga can definitely be a great item in a runner’s toolbox, and here are 3 ways to make Yoga your greatest ally to prime your running efforts.

Yoga helps to increase your range of motion which can help you increase your endurance.

When we run, normally, we tend to move our bodies forward, making any ways of moving diagonally or laterally simply unfamiliar. However, if you get started with your running workout without getting your body moving in other directions, you end up not only overworking only a certain range of muscles (and neglecting others) but you are also potentially increasing your risk of injury.

Yoga can help you practice focus the times you need it the most

Have you noticed that people get to be better on practising their daily good habits while others might struggle? Sticking to a healthy habit like running and showing up regularly can be challenging. This raises questions about whether this tendency of practising a healthy routine consistently is a matter of motivation or genetics. However, some studies recommend that this tendency is a matter of focus.  When we tend to get easily distracted, it’s more likely to miss a workout than a person with a lesser focused personality. Yoga through balance poses, meditation, and core work can offer you a platform to practice concentration– an attribute that can help you become a great runner over time.

Yoga helps you to practice patience.

By practicing mindfulness and meditation, yoga helps you to learn how to not become impatient with yourself. Becoming impatient with your running efforts means that you sabotage yourself by creating resistance. Judging yourself when things get taught creates a high probability for you to give up. However, when you are patient with yourself, you give your body and mind permission o relax and enjoy the process while achieving better results. Practising patience means that you become better aware of when to push and when to pull back which is a great attribute for a good runner.

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