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Virtual Retreat



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It’s time for you.                        


Welcome to our safe-space                                                    

Welcome to a place of self-care

Welcome to a detox experience

October is a month of powerfulness and stillness, a month of accepting and pursuit. This is an invitation to let the past go, deeply detox, cherish the new season and use this virtual safe space with us, so you can explore the harmony within yourself and around you. 

A month of transition, and a time when we’ll try to find the best ways to reconnect to our inner world. This Wellness Detox Retreat has been designed to help you navigate this new post COVID-19 era and motivate and vitalise your mind and body.

This retreat will be delivered via Zoom on Saturday the 10th of October 2020 and consists of 8 health professionals offering 30 or 60-minute sessions. It will take place between 10am in the morning and 8pm in the evening. You can join as many sessions as you want once you’ve pre-booked your free ticket. Maximum number of attendees is 20 per session, so book your ticket quickly! The only rule in order for you to participate in this exciting retreat is that you need to keep your camera on at all times. 

Set to be delivered online, this retreat offers the perfect way to practice, learn and get inspired from the safety and the comfort of your own home. Our retreat focuses on eight pillars of wellness and self-growth including Cleanse & Detox, Stress & Burnout, Emotional Balance, Yoga, Personal Branding, Life-coaching, Nutrition and Graphic Design.






T   H  E        E  V  E  N  T  S

Saturday, 10 October 2020, via Zoom 



Women’s Circle Covid-19 | 11 pm, Zoom

How to be better focused and confident in difficult times

In this workshop we will explore how to stay motivated and have inner goals in order to relax but also  stay centered and  focused during COVID-19. This women’s circle is an opportunity to meet with others from all walks of life and share the wisdom of women’s experience. Olympic athlete and psychotherapist Stella Ledaki invites you to let go and sink into the profound relaxation that comes from being understood for yourselves, exactly as you are.





Bio | Stella Iro Ledaki

Stella Iro Ledaki is an MSc, BACP and European accredited psychotherapist. She is also an Olympian pole vaulter, having achieved the best ever place in the Olympic games of London for Greece, as well as first place in several Meditteranean and Balkan championships. She also studied physical education and sports science, with more than 10 years of experience in this field.







Photo by Michaela Nagyidaiova

Mindful Movement Session | “Re-ground” | 6pm, Zoom

This session is an exploration and practice of awareness through movement.

Bringing attention to the way you move and to your body sensations while doing so, enhances the experience of the present moment. Mindfulness is a powerful tool that can help us connect with our body and the world, and give us a sense of – much needed – groundedness. No prior movement experience required – open to all levels of experience.



Bio | Iris Athanasiadi

Iris Athanasiadi is an architect, choreographer and interdisciplinary performer based in London. Since 2015 she has been exploring the common threads between Architecture and Choreography and as a choreographer, she has developed a unique approach to mindfulness through movement. Her aim is to support people in rediscovering their body/ mind relationship and reconnecting with their environment in an active and meaningful way.








Learn how to cook healthy meals| 2pm, Zoom

Do you struggle with time but you still want to prepare healthy meals for you and your family? On our amazing wellness retreat, we will show you step by step how to make, with only a few ingredients, a super nutritious breakfast, a delicious lunch and a light dinner. You will enjoy live in zoom, clean recipes for your friends and all the family.

Learn how to cook healthy breakfast and snacks | 3pm, Zoom

On Saturday at 3pm, you will be cooking with your dietician. Within those 30’ you will prepare healthy snacks and you will be able to learn the nutritional value of every single one of them. You will find out which vitamins and minerals they provide you, so you can include them on your daily cooking routine! You will also have the chance to find out which is the best cooking process, so you won’t miss any nutrients your meals provide! Cook, love and exercise






Bio | Eirini

Eirini is a Dietician with a Masters degree in Exercise and nutrition.
She has over 10 years of experience in academics, sales and the design of tailor made dietary plans.

She has collaborated with a very well known yoga instructor in Greece where she was helping other athletes to improve their performance. She has also worked for your favourite natural cosmetic and supplement brands in the U.K. such as Renew life, Organicup, Beauty kitchen and more.

She loves food and gatherings, that’s how she came up with the “Healthy events” project, where you can make healthy meals for special occasions such as birthdays, leaving drinks, Christenings and parties.





Andrea Piacquadio, byPexels

 “Creating my positive self” Workshop |1pm, Zoom

Can a magazine/newspaper create a life change? This is the question we will try to answer by participating in this workshop.

Images born emotions, emotions expressed by words, words can create a new pattern of thinking, a new pattern of living. Positive words can create a meaningful and fulfilling living.


The purpose of the workshop is to bring out our creativity and our imagination in order to create a unique visual board of our “positive” self and our “dream” life. This board will be used as a new perspective of thinking and manifesting of what we want to achieve in our lives.


The workshop will be divided into two parts. The first part will include the creation of a unique visual board using pictures of magazines, newspaper, scissors, A4 Paper which the participant will choose according to his interests, his needs and his life expectations for a positive future. The second part will include a short creative writing activity based on the visual boards that we will make in the first part.


The whole process will be like a journey of creating a new positive pattern of thinking and action based on the pictures the participants will choose as the medium for a positive change they want to bring into their lives.


Equipment needed:

A4 paper                                             4. Scissors                                          7. Positive Thinking

A magazine or a newspaper              5. Glue                                                 8. Open Heart

A notebook                                         6. Creativity                                          9. Playfulness


Bio Elisavet Grigoriadou

Elisavet is a highly skilled Early Years Education Specialist with a rich experience of working in Curriculum Development combined with action research projects related to drama theatre pedagogy, expressive arts interventions, self-esteem, wellbeing & emotional literacy.

She has pursued her studies in MA in Applied Theatre (specialized in Drama in the Community & Drama Education) from the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama and her BA in Early Childhood Education from the National University of Athens.

In addition, she has been trained as a drama play & theatre pedagogy specialist and has obtained her specialized professional diploma as a Self-Esteem Counselor for Children &  Adults and her diploma as a Happiness Leadership Coach.

Her passion, her innovative thinking and her overall working experience in both the fields of education and wellbeing, inspired her to create her unique holistic approach as a leading practitioner for a positive self-esteem, resilience and happiness. 

Her mission is to empower different population groups such as children, young people, teachers, parents and local communities in order to creatively support  them to be capable of meeting life’s challenges, find their higher purpose, live consciously and be worthy of happiness.



Detox Meditation | 7pm, Zoom
Detox Yoga 5pm Workshops | 5pm, Zoom

Detox Meditation | 30min – this is a 20 minute meditation practice combined with a 10minute breathing technique aiming to help you manage anxiety and stress. This meditation aims to detox your body of all impurities, toxins and energy blockages through mindfulness, intentional breathing, and visualisation.  Through the simple act of practicing stillness you reclaim yourself, you purify the mind and re-charge the body.

Yoga for Balance | 30min- in a Vinyasa flow class, we teach a flow of different yoga poses designed to synchronise breath with movement and bring rhythm into each sequence.  Flow-through a sequence of postures that will help you build strength, increase flexibility, and bring mobility into the spine – open to all levels.


Bio Alexandra

Alexandra is a tier 1 PR consultant who transformed herself into a 500 hrs Mindfulness and Yoga instructor. 

After experiencing burnout herself, which led her to resign her PR role, she embarked on a two-year Yoga journey around the world.  She studied through the British Wheel of Yoga and the Yoga Alliance, visiting (and sometimes sailing) to 43 countries to explore ways of transforming her life through well-being practices with the aim of re-starting her career in a new direction. Through a self-healing Yoga journey, she discovered her love for wellness – her second greatest passion in life, which inspired her to launch Urban Yoga Lab.

Thanks to her passion for wellness, she has been entrusted to offer a series of programmes to a number of big corporations in London (incl. Soho House, Conrad Hilton Resorts, Kennedys Law, Royal Bank of Canada, BDO, Wells Fargo, Amazon). 



Build your own website/blog

Photo by Avel Chuklanov on Unsplash

  • Build your own business or personal webpage with Wix| 12 pm, Zoom
  • Build your own website with WordPress | 8pm, Zoom

Design is a way to communicate Visually and Accurately your message to the other side. 

If you want to create a blog of sharing thoughts, knowledge, experience, and ideas

Or  a Personal CV that needs to communicate fast your skills, 

Or a business that will promote your services or products, this is the right place to make a start and feel empowered to continue.

In this session, I will teach you the tools and the Design Rules to build your own website, personal CV, or E-shop in an easy to use – for everyone – platform.

The Session doesn’t need any previous experience in web or graphic design. 

**To follow the Session you should feel comfortable using computers and the web.



Bio Marie Joanna Antoniadi

Marie Joanna Antoniadi is a Creative Director and Visual Graphics Designer.

She has worked for more than 13 years in the Visual Communication and digital sector and cooperated with TV Channels, Large /Small scale companies, Start-ups, Charities and Educational Institutes.

She has 5 years of teaching experience, beginners and advance, in Colleges and Privately and she has helped a number of people start-up their carrier as designers.

She is currently working as a Freelancer Graphic Designer and Tutor.



















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