The Hybrid Workplace: 4 Challenges for Employees in 2021

The Hybrid Workplace: 4 Challenges for Employees in 2021

In the present environment, there are more and more employees suffering from symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety due to COVID-19. The dramatic increase in poor mental health results from a variety of causes, such as fear of redundancy, lack of structure in the day, competing demands from home-schooling and caring responsibilities, social and professional isolation, difficulty in separating work from home life and overworking as a result of guilt about not being ‘at work’.

  1. COVID-19 Anxiety

Working remotely can cause increased levels of stress and anxiety to many employees around the world. Being bombarded by frenzied updates from the news and social media, feeling anxious due to social isolation or because of worries about friends, family and those categorised as vulnerable has become a normality. Thus, more and more HR managers are looking for new ways of making changes to the culture of their workplace to create an open environment which fosters resilience, better collaboration and work-life balance.

  1. Loneliness

Loneliness as a result of self-isolation and working from home has dramatically increased. That’s why showing your employees that they are not alone and that you care about them and saying thank you for their courage, hard work and resilience has never been more important. Showing your appreciation to your employees by offering them wellness classes can be the best way for your team to feel valued and encouraged, and it’s simply a nice thing to do. Our Zen Warrior program has been designed to do exactly that – to be like a thank you note.

  1. A change or lack of usual routines

For many employees, their sleeping, eating and wellbeing habits have been disrupted, and so now is the time to replace old habits with new ones. A company’s role in helping and encouraging their employees to build new healthy routines can be significant. As most people respond well to some form of routine, encouraging your employees to adopt an exercise habit as part of their daily routine can be a great way to show how much you care about their mental health. Our Zen Warrior weekly wellness sessions have been designed to help your employees to establish a new routine and create some ‘me time’.


  1. Setting boundaries

Many employees find it difficult to separate their work life from their home life and overwork as a result of guilt about not being ‘at work’. That’s why setting limits is so important and there is a necessity for an official end to the working day. Our wellness classes help you to do exactly that: set limits. Given that they are delivered via Zoom early in the morning and right after work in the evening, our classes can be the perfect platform for you to communicate to your employees that they are not expected to work longer hours and that their wellbeing really matters to you.



Our Zen Warrior webinars have been designed to help your employees to:

  • Increase self-awareness by using a mindfulness toolkit that will enable them to begin noticing the exact moments when they are undermining themselves.
  • Avoid falling into work-habit traps like overthinking their failures. Instead, they will be encouraged to outweigh their successes and to objectively reflect on their wins.
  • To focus on their goals, highlight their strengths and encourage their forward progress.


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By: Alexandra Kafka


Alexandra Kafka is the founder of Urban Yoga Lab, a mindfulness coach, and a former Tier-1 PR Executive who’s first-hand experience with the mounting stress and pressure of the modern workforce inspired her to launch Zen Warrior Programme —a Feel-Good Wellness Formula which has been designed to support mental health at work. This formula is based on the idea that mindfulness can provide employees with strong foundations to enhance eight major aspects of our wellbeing.

Her goal is simple: to help brands create a happier workplace, attract young talent, and deliver their KPIs while also achieving greater productivity. To arrange an informal conversation, email Alex at –

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