Discovery Series

Discovery Series

Mental Health & Wellbeing Webinars

Keeping Healthy, Productive & Mindful with Urban Yoga Lab

Professional Coaches

Our webinars and workshops are delivered by highly qualified coaches with long experience in working with big corporations, who are trained to deliver interactive, engaging, and team bonding bespoke mindfulness programmes

Variety of Solutions

We offer a broad variety of seminars and workshops based on four wellbeing pillars (positive psychology, mindfulness, life coaching and mindset coaching). The variety of our programs aims to help you prioritise your employees' mental health in the best possible way

Flexible Services

All our packages are flexible, adjustable and molded to suit your employees' main needs and priorities

What is the Discovery Series?

As we navigate through uncertain times, taking time to prioritise employees’ wellbeing becomes a necessity for more and more companies. According to research from LinkedIn in partnership with the Mental Health Foundation, 50% of UK workers were feeling anxious or stressed while working from home.

Another recent research conducted by QBE revealed that one in four UK employees are hiding mental health challenges from their employers, while nearly 35% say they would not feel comfortable disclosing a mental health issue.

To help you respond to these challenges, Urban Yoga Lab’s Mindfulness Coach, a Dr in Positive Psychology, an Olympic Athlete, and a Life Coach unite their forces to offer a wellbeing program called the Discovery Series. This is a group of wellbeing webinars and workshops designed to help your employees tackle any mental health, emotional, and professional challenge.

Our Clients

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Four Pillars of Wellbeing

Team Collaboration

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A series of 60 min workshops led by Facebook's life coach Nasia

designed to improve collaboration & cohesion within teams

Mindset Coaching


 A series of 60 min workshops with Olympic athlete Stella Ledaki 

designed to improve employees mindset and mental health

Positive Psychology


 A variety of 60 min webinars with Dr Maria Fotiadou

designed to improve the mental health and wellbeing of employees

Mindfulness Hacks


A series of interactive 60 min webinars with our founder, mindfulness expert Alexandra Kafka

designed to improve employee mindfulness

Format and Delivery

Duration: 60 minutes
Number of participants:
Up to 100 
Interactive seminars and workshops
Physical or online via Zoom/ any other video platform

Other Services

We offer a variety of webinars and workshops based on four key wellbeing categories including:

We also offer bespoke corporate wellness experiences & events including:

Our Team

Our team consists of highly qualified professionals like mindfulness coaches, Olympic athletes, transformational lifecoahes, and award-winning happiness experts, who are passionate about improving the mental health and performance of employees all over the world

For further information about the Discovery Series, feel free to email us at

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