Evie | Vinyasa Yoga

After practising yoga for 10 years, Evie realised this was the constant in her life. Her excitement and love for yoga led her to her 200-hour Vinyasa Flow teacher training with YogaLondon in 2019.

Yoga, meditation, and pranayama make her a happier, stronger, healthier person and she is passionate about sharing this with her students.

Her mission is to help people reconnect the body, mind, and soul, reveal their infinite possibilities, and bring the students back home to themselves through the practice of yoga.

Evie advocates that yoga is fit for everyone, despite the level, requirements, age, or flexibility. Yoga is an escape from our stressful, urban lives which helps bring clarity, focus, and strength.

She teaches Vinyasa Flow Yoga which focuses on connecting the movement with the rhythm of the breath. No two classes are ever the same and the pose sequences are creative and playful. Whether you want to gain strength, flexibility, mobility or calm the mind, Vinyasa Flow classes are suitable to all levels through the use of props, modifications, and variations attuned to the individual. Evie places big importance on the specific requirements of the individual as not two bodies are the same.

Her classes are fun, dynamic, but at the same time mindful, helping students to build strength and find openness in the body, while relieving daily life stress.                KNOW MORE!