Mindfulness Toolkit

Mindfulness Toolkit

We Believe in the Power of Professional Success Through Mindfulness

Professional Instructors

Our classes are delivered by highly qualified wellness professionals with long experience in working with big corporations, who are trained to deliver interactive, engaging, and team bonding bespoke wellness experiences

Variety of Solutions

We offer a broad variety of wellness classes (yoga, meditation, pilates, antistress stretching) so for you to find the type of classes that better meets your employees' needs and preferences

Flexible Services

All our packages are flexible, adjustable and moulded to suit your audience's needs - our services can be delivered both online and in-person depending on your team's needs

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What We Do

Our Mindfulness Toolkit for Businesses is a Feel-Good Wellness Formula which has been designed to support mental health at work. This formula is based on the idea that mindfulness can provide us with strong foundations to enhance eight major aspects of our wellbeing. At the same time, this program is a powerful platform for connecting with others while creating some “me time”.

The idea behind the Mindfulness Toolkit for Businesses is that each weekly (or ad hoc) wellness activity is dedicated to a separate wellbeing pillar (outlined below). We use physiology, mindfulness movement, meditation, and breathing to bring the body and mind into a Zen state.

Our 8 Pillars of Wellbeing

Better Sleep

Our Mindfulness Toolkit is designed to improve sleep via wellness classes

Improved Digestion

Our Mindfulness Toolkit is designed to improve your digestive system

Boost Energy Levels

Our Mindfulness toolkit is sure to boost your energy

Improve Focus

Our Mindfulness Toolkit is designed to target focus and concentration

Improve Relaxation

Our Mindfulness Toolkit is designed as a way to switch off and relax

Boost Productivity

Our Mindfulness Toolkit is designed with exercises that boost productivity

Manage Stress

Our Mindfulness Toolkit is designed with exercises that help manage stress levels

Unleash Creativity

Our Mindfulness Toolkit is designed to unleash the potential for creative thought

Mix & Match Your Favourite Wellness Solutions

Previous Programmes

Our Team collumn

Format and Delivery

Duration: Meditation classes: 30 min - yoga classes: 30/45 min - mindfulness boosters: 30 min
Number of participants:
Up to 10 people/session or to an unlimited number of participants depending on your package
Interactive and engaging sessions
Physical/online via Zoom any other preferred video platform

Other Services

We offer a variety of webinars and workshops based on four key wellbeing categories including:

We also offer bespoke corporate wellness experiences & events including:

Our Team

Our team consists of well-trained wellness professionals, mindfulness coaches, Olympic athletes, award-winning psychologists, and happiness experts, who are passionate about improving the mental health and performance of employees all over the world

Our Clients

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Our Credentials


Mindfulness Monday

Frequency: Weekly

Who: BDO

What: A combination of Yoga classes

When: July-November 2020

Where: In-person & online, London


Wellness Weeks

Frequency: Weekly

Who: Titan Cement Group

What: A combination of Anti-Stress Stretching, Pilates and Webinars

When: May-June 2021

Where: Zoom, Greece

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Wellness Wednesdays

Frequency: Weekly

Who: Kennedy's Law

What: A combination of weekly Meditation & Yoga sessions

When: 2020 - 20211

Where: Via Zoom, Worldwide

For further information about these sessions, feel free to email us at

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