Happiness & Success

Happiness & Success

Health and Positive Psychology program by Dr. Maria Fotiadou


Limited Beliefs and Positive Thinking

Through activities and guided discussions, we start by exploring the believes formed at the early stages of our life. What are these beliefs? How do they limit our lives? Learn what positive thinking means and develop new productive and realistic ways to form positive thinking towards success. 

Personal Strengths

Our personal strengths can light up our journey towards success in any area of our life. In this program, we explore our personal strengths by using psychology and research-based tools. We then learn new effective ways to incorporate these tools into our daily routines. This is the right time to start thinking of what is good for you! 

Living Happily     

In this class, we explore both ‘Unhappiness’ and ‘Happiness’ and what lies behind them. We discuss the meaning of Happiness and what shapes it or blocks it. By using psychological evidence-based techniques, we explore pathways towards creating a better platform for ourselves and our loved ones to reach personal happiness and enhance our quality of life. 

Successful Goal Setting and Achievement

Why is it important for us to “achieve” and how to do it? In great depth, we first look at the answers for these questions. When we are able to identify and simplify our goals, they become easily attainable. We prepare ourselves for change and start building on confidence – learning effective techniques towards the successful fulfillment of our goals. 

Happiness and Social Connection – Building on Relationships

Do social connections foster happiness? You will be guided through different social connections, their significance, and impact on our lives. We will establish the problems and misconceptions around specific relationships and our given roles within them. Focusing on the science of empathy, we discover ways to develop healthy and happy relationships. 

Each program provides the opportunity to learn many of the cutting-edge effective psychology applications and tools you can use to maximise positivity in any area of your life.


Self-Confidence and Public Speaking

The aim of this program is to help entrepreneurs and life-long students become successful and confident speakers. The award-winning speaker, Dr Fotiadou, shares with you her personal experience and scientific expertise to conquer obstacles that prevent you from succeeding in your career and life. This workshop will include effective tasks and steps to help you overcome your fears and blockages. You will develop applicable skills to become a successful speaker. 

Problem and Mindset

We learn a systematic solving process and focus on finding a solution, so we can then identify the Mindset.

The Mindset is a key step towards adopting effective coping strategies. We will focus on breaking down and understanding the nature of our problems and our roles within them. As well as evaluating available resources and learn to create pathways towards the effective solution of any type of problem we may encounter in our life. We also go through a series of strategies to help us shape the right mindset. 

Positive Daily Practice

In this session, we discuss what it takes to create a Positive Daily Practice in our lives. What actions we can take to lift any situation, how can we turn an average or difficult day into a great and productive day? We reconsider what works effectively in our lives towards our success and healthy living and we design together our daily routines to better fit our purpose and dreams in life. 

Mental Health and Dealing With Stress                          

By Intentionally creating positive practices into your life, it not only helps develop effective ways to deal with stress, anxiety, or depression but also fosters resilience to the fluctuations every day can bring. We cover issues around negative thinking; emotions; relationships and stress. We work on empirical evidence-based strategies to overcome mental health problems and maintain our well-being. 



Dr Fotiadou specialises in Health and Positive Psychology. She is an expert in the science of Happiness and for the past 15 years, her focus has been to help people overcome fears and obstacles and create a successful and happy life. 
All the above training programmes deliver practical methods through simulation and high engagement to ensure you, your employees, and leadership teams, develop through a learning-orientated mindset. Their success has helped many companies and individuals create inspiring actions and added great value to the future of their businesses and lives. 

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