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‘Mindfulness Session to Improve Focus’ in collaboration with Code Sync 

Mindfulness has become increasingly popular in recent years as a means of increasing workplace productivity. By bringing all distractions to a halt and focusing on the present moment, mindfulness training aids in productivity. This is why practising mindfulness for productivity can assist us in altering our lifestyles and working environments.

Alexandra Kafka will teach participants how to incorporate mindfulness into their focus in this session. They will feel more relaxed and less distracted as a result of this, allowing them to get the most out of their conference attendance.


We are happy to announce that Urban Yoga Lab will be one of the wellness breakout sessions providers in the upcoming HR Technology Conference & Exhibition organised by Human Resource Executive which takes place on 16-19 of March in 2021. Our team will participate in the Relaxation Lounge to help participants to regain focus and put their minds in an aware and receptive state.


Our wellbeing services have been designed to treat social anxiety while bringing a sense of calm connection to a virtual environment at the start of a conference. We can't wait to meet you all! Special thanks to @AllisonWenrick for making us part of this amazing interactive online event.


Dr Maria Foriadou will be the facilitator of a round table discussion at GDS Group summit on the 2nd and 9th of March at 7pm. We are so excited for having her facilitating a discussion in mental health among senior business leaders from big brands like L’Oréal.

Dr Maria Fotiadou is a Health and Happiness Psychologist, an Empowerment and Happiness Coach, and an award-winning International Speaker. She is also a lecturer at the University of Westminster and London South Bank University in London and an author.

Maria's work is dedicated to raising awareness of mental health. Her life mission is to help and inspire people from around the world to create a positive attitude and attain happiness.

Special thanks to Harlan Davis for this amazing collaboration!


We are honored to be part of GDS Group Summit which takes place in the UK from 01/03 - 03/03/2020. Apart from gaining a lot of knowledge from lead sessions held by successful businessmen and businesswomen, we invite you to join a roundtable discussion with Dr Maria Fotiadou taking place on 02/03/2021 at 5 p.m. If you are stressed from your everyday life and looking for a balance between mind and body, this discussion is just right for you!

#NG Retail Digital Summit! #freeyourmind Big thanks to Harlan Davis who helped us to make this wonderful collaboration happen.


It was great taking part in GDS Group Summit last Tuesday meeting like-minded people, and discussing the meaning of success. This was all lead by Dr Maria Fotiadou the Ph.D. Psychologist. Come and join us on our next roundtable discussion about mental health at the workplace led by Dr Maria Fotiadou on the 9th of March at 5 p.m. We cannot wait to meet you.

#NGRetailDigitalSummit! #summits



We are happy to announce that our founder Alexandra Kafka was invited to be the wellness organiser of the upcoming Human Resource Summit facilitating and delivering a series of wellness meeting breaks, breathing and meditation workshops.

On Monday and Friday afternoon, Alexandra will run 2 of her workshops - a 'Breathing Workshop: 5 Ways to Calm a Busy Mind' & a 'Meditation to Clear your Mind'.

Come and join her on 10 & 11 March from 12.15 pm to 12.45 pm on Zoom. Look forward to meeting you all!*Special thanks tο Ellie Ball for working with us on this amazing initiative


We are so excited to be part of the #HR21V - The Human Resource Summit Virtual Edition. This is a live programme which will take place across the mornings of 10 & 11 March and will also include 1:1 meetings from 8th to 12th of March. Come and join our founder Alexandra Kafka who will deliver two workshops in mindfulness, stress management and wellness.

Shared post from Summit Events:

A breathing or meditation workshop in your lunch break, between important meetings? We are pleased this will be incorporated into our virtual programme next week for #HR21V.

With thanks to Alexandra Kafka at Urban Yoga Lab who will be running the workshops, with tips on how to deal with the stresses of everyday life, and release tensions in the body. #mindfulness



We are so excited to organise and deliver eight wellness breakout sessions for the upcoming Kennedys's Law Summit which takes place on the 13th and 14th of January. The theme of this year's summit is 'Facing the Future with Confidence' and we are going to tap into this theme to practice wellness, yoga and meditation as a way to boost our confidence levels, keep our spirit uplifted and feel more grounded. We look forward to welcoming you all there!


During Kennedys Law's two days' partnership summit, we are teaching postures, breathing techniques, and mindfulness tips to boost or regulate our brain chemicals naturally. Neurotransmitters like oxytocin, testosterone, serotonin, and dopamine can influence our mood, productivity levels, and our ability to stay calm. Feel free to join us on one of our last 30-min sessions later this evening via Zoom.

- Yin Yoga at 6 pm

- Meditation for better Sleep at 6.35 pm


The Urban Yoga Lab Team would like to take a moment to thank Adrienne Garland for organising an amazing She Leads Media conference where we could interact with like-minded and brilliant women from all around the world.