Zen Warrior Program

2 Months to Transform Your Life                                                                                  

Our coaching program is an 8-week course for anyone who wants to transform their life. Join our founder Alexandra Kafka on a journey of re-inventing yourself! She will be sharing the tools that have enabled her to build strong confidence, create her own successful startup, and learn how to manage fear and anxiety with grace. Together we’ll learn how to apply a number of powerful mindfulness techniques that will help you to make a big transition into your own life in 2 months!

Message from our founder

“If you’re anything like me, you know that ‘Fake it Until you Make it’ is not the right mantra if you want to tap into your inner wisdom, connect to your true intuition and act from a place of confident. ‘Fake it until you make it’ doesn’t always lead to success and definitely doesn’t lead to happiness. It was in many parts of my life I came into this realisation. Many times in my life when I was confused and filled with doubt about my next step. On my personal journey I discovered that before taking any massive action, you first need to find your own confidence. To be confident about your self, your talent, and your skills. In my case not only did I have no guidance or support in how to restart my career, heal my self, follow my dreams and make life-changing decisions but also I never felt confident about who I was and never felt good enough….

And then I resigned, I travelled the world (43 countries), I explored mindfulness and designed my own mindfulness toolkit to heal myself. That’s how my life changed! Thanks to my Zen Warrior mindfulness toolkit, a  2-month program, I designed by getting inspired by Buddhist monks, breathtaking travelling experiences and famous coaches I learned how to achieve my goals by re-conditioning my body and priming my mind for success. And guess what? That was the best thing that ever happened to me! This program led me to a number of big wins but also taught me how to face adversity with grace…

From having worked as a consultant in THE BEST PR agency in the world, to have visited 43 countries within 3-years time and from having served as a mindfulness coach 43+ big brands to have built my own successful start-up in only 2 months, I can tell you that this was an INCREDIBLE JOURNEY! One of the greatest things I have learnt over the last 8 years of constant transformation is that courage is not about being brave. Real courage is about taking conscious action despite feeling afraid and vulnerable. And feeling afraid and vulnerable it’s OK. Because the idea that we have to have it all nailed down is stealing our joy and our potential for greatness.

My mindfulness coaching programme is here to help you understand that you have a dream for a reason! The reason to evolve yourself. To go to the next version of yourself and not in a way that is causing you burnout, pain, or depression. But in a way that you truly manifest the best version of your self! The best version of who do YOU want to be (not others).

So, the plan is simple. You set ONE BIG CHANGE you want to bring into your life and we work towards this goal – TOGETHER!!!

This is the time to change life! Lets Awake your Zen Warrior!” – Alexandra Kafka


  • 1 X 1hr Discovery calls via Zoom
  • 8 X 30min 1-2-1 calls via Zoom
  • 8 X 2hrs small group sessions via Zoom
  • 8 themed online practices to help you each week to achieve your goal (based on mindfulness)
    • Your Mindfulness Standards 
    • 8 Tools for Managing Negative Thoughts, Stress, and Anxiety
    • Become Lesser Focused and Minimise Unnecessary Distractions
    • Unleash your Creativity through Mindfulness
    • Understand your Childhood Programming and Set your Self Free
    • Learn how to Start Identifying Thought Loops to Unblock your Energy Centres 
    • How to be more Productive through Self-care practices
    • 6 Time-management Tools to Take your Dreams to the Next Level
    • Learn how to Boost your Self-confidence by Re-programming your Mind
  • Weekly homework: including vision board, soul mission, discovering your purpose etc
  • Tools on visualisation, affirmations, physiology, time management, building self-confidence, productivity, the aligned model
  • Tips on how to taking actions despite negative emotions. developing a winner’s mindset, staying focused and motivated
  • Lessons from my business
  • Resource Recommendations
  • 8 people max                                     


£15/hour ( Total duration of the program including the private sessions: 21hours | 2-months program)

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Second Group

May-June | New Group | Shorter version of the program | Book now to secure a slot on ak@urbanyogalab.nom                                                                                   

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