The Discovery Series

Discovery Series: Mental Health & Wellbeing Webinars 


As we navigate through uncertain times, taking time to prioritise employees’ wellbeing becomes a necessity for more and more companies. According to research from LinkedIn in partnership with the Mental Health Foundation, 50% of UK workers were feeling anxious or stressed while working from home during lockdown last May. Another recent research conducted by QBE has added further weight to this belief. It revealed that one in four UK employees are hiding mental health challenges from their employers, while nearly 35% say they would not feel comfortable disclosing a mental health issue.

To help you respond to these challenges, Urban Yoga Lab’s Mindfulness Coach, a Dr in Positive Psychology, an Olympic Athlete, and a Life coach from Facebook unite their forces to offer a wellbeing program called the Discovery Series. This is a group of Winter Wellbeing webinars and workshops designed to help your employees tackle the winter blues and isolation. 


These Series are Categorised Into Four Different Pillars of Emotional Wellbeing

These sessions have been designed to support your employees with managi ng any increased pressure they may be experiencing in their work and personal life. Topics include sleep, meditation, nutrition, movement, and exercise, focus, and gratitude and via these sessions, your employees can access sustainable, evidence-based tools to enhance their wellbeing and performance. 


This wellbeing program will enable your employees to look out for tips twice a week from award-winning mental health and wellbeing experts who will support them to prioritise their emotional wellness and focus on their mental health. Also, Discovery Series can help you create an online well-being space as a social space, where people can find advice, support, and share their own personal stories.


Why is Employee Wellness Essential to a Successful Business?
Take a look at some statistics for implementing a wellness program within the workplace:

  • UK – workforce could work remotely 1/3 of the time without a loss of productivity. (McKinsey)
  • 41% of remote workers reported high-stress levels, compared to just 25% of office workers. (United Nations)
  • In advanced economies, workforces could dedicate 30 % of their time to working remotely without losing productivity (McKinsey)
  • There is a need for employers to do more to support the mental health of their staff during the pandemic (Benenden Health)