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Discovery Series: Surviving and Thriving in the new Norms | 60 min with Olympic athlete Stella Ledaki

Olympic athlete and psychotherapist Stella Ledaki will share strategies to cope with the new normalities of everyday life, the importance of a positive mindset, and how to address new challenges. Using a combination of top elite athlete strategies and best approaches in psychology, this webinar will provide you with the knowledge, techniques, and strategies to help you overcome change and adversity; enabling you to get the most of whatever your circumstances. 


Discovery Series: Kind Minds and Good Intentions | 60 min with Olympic athlete Stella Ledaki

We are stronger together, but knowing how to help can be tricky. Hosted by Stella Ledaki, Olympic athlete and psychotherapist, this session explores how to be more supportive with friends and colleges.  

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In This 60-minute Webinar, Delegates Can expect to Explore How They Can      

  • Better manage their support for elderly and vulnerable dependants  –Join us for a conversation exploring best practice and key insights on both the emotional and practical aspects of distant caring                                            
  • Talking to children and young people about coronavirus and its impact. Whether you have teenagers with their own digital devices, or younger children hearing it, we need to ensure the messages are making sense that we’re able to respond to their questions during these extraordinary times. 
  • Maintaining domestic harmony and positive relationships –Join this interactive webinar on how to maintain a calmer and more harmonious household. We’ll be looking at building empathy as well as practical day-to-day strategies 


Discovery Series: Sleep is your Superpower | 60 min | Workshop with Olympic athlete Stella Ledaki

Join Olympic athlete Stella Ledaki to discuss the role of sleep and its effect on our health; immune system, blood pressure and risk of diabetes and dementia. Topics covered will include

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In This 60-minute Workshop, Delegates Can Expect to

  • The use of coffee and “coffee crash”
  • The role of sleep in work performance and efficiency 
  • Social and personal issues related to poor sleep 
  • Insomnia and sleep apnoea: key differences and management 
  • Top tips for good sleep

Discovery Series: Learn from Failure | 60 min with Olympic athlete Stella Ledaki

In this 60-minute workshop, we are going to explore ways to be more productive and how to learn from failure and build resilience.

In This 60-minute Workshop, Delegates Can Expect to

  • Understand the process of setting goals and following a stepwise process to achieve it
  • Teach ourselves how to be strong: Sticking to the goal and not diverting
  • Failing and resetting our goals without losing our motive!


Discovery Series: Controlling your Mindset | 60 min | Workshop with Olympic athlete Stella Ledaki

In this interactive workshop, we will talk about how to develop our confidence to achieve the full potential of ourselves in and out of the office. By learning how to understand and control our mindset, we identify our everyday mishaps. We then discover our unique tools to work in favour of our well-being.

In This 60-minute Workshop, Delegates Can Expect to

  • Learn how to use a personalized action plan to empower yourself
  • Understand and learn how to make inner goals, keep your motive alive as constant fuel and don’t lose your sparkle
  • Understand your mind and secret techniques to fuel up your mind to keep it “young and fresh”

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Discovery Series: Public Speaking Training| 60 min | Workshop with Olympic athlete Stella Ledaki

In this workshop, we will share tips and tricks on how to be a better communicator and get your message across as clearly as possible as if you are speaking in one’s mind. Being a great communicator mainly correlates with accepting oneself and having a peaceful mindset alongside proper preparation and understanding of the circumstances you are involved in.

In This 60-minute Workshop, Delegates Can Expect to

  • Learn more about the considerations we need to make before any interaction, including understanding your message/ goal and the message you would like to get across
  • Explore step by step specific techniques and preparation processes to grab attendees’ attention and be convincing
  • Discuss case studies to nurture and develop your inner self for presenting in public
  • How to create your personalized guide to prevent anxiety and manage stress


How it works

  • Duration: 60 mins
  • Capacity: Up to 35 participants virtually
  • Workshop Leader: An Olympic Athlete, Psychologist and Adidas Mindset Coach 
  • Logistics: You’ll be provided with an exclusive link to the workshop, which will be streamed via Zoom/WebEx/Skype for Business or any other platform that works best for you 
  • Available: Globally


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