Performance and Team Collaboration

Nasia – Performance and Team Collaboration

Discovery Series: Vision & Mission for Teams in Transition– Workshop| 120 min | 20 employees

Teams that have a clear and compelling mission and vision have something powerful to rally around. Linking a team’s work to the company mission helps the team thrive. 

  • Provide team with clarity and conviction about why they exist and what their charge is 
  • Create simple, yet powerful, mission and vision statements that the team can leverage and reference moving forward 

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Suited For

  • Employees looking to have a clear working direction
  • New employees
  • Teams in transition
  • High Performing Teams


In Order To

  • Excite people about the team’s purpose and direction
  • Stay aligned and on track

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Discovery Series: Maintaining and Managing a Remote Team– Workshop| 120 min | 20 employees

Join life coach and FB’s Data Analyst Nasia Ntalla from Urban Yoga Lab for a discussion on how to manage and motivate a team when working remotely 


We believe people are the happiest and most productive when they are doing work that they are good at and enjoy. Teams that take the time to learn, develop, and leverage each other’s’ strengths perform better. 

  • To deepen understanding of team members and their strengths 
  • To better leverage strengths in a team activity 


Suitable For

  • For teams that need to Leverage strengths
  • New teams
  • Teams in transition
  • Cross-Functional Teams


In Order To

  • Increase team performance and engagement


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Discovery Series: Solve for Impact – – Workshop| 120 min| 8+ employees

Strong teams know what impact means for them, and they pursue it relentlessly. They set goals, make decisions, take risks, and allocate their resources with a fierce focus on achieving that impact. 

  • Align on what “impact” means for the team 
  • Understand drivers and barriers to impact 
  • Define practical ways to solve for impact in big and small moments 


Suitable For

  • For teams that need to: Solve for Impact 
  • New teams
  • Teams in transition
  • Cross-Functional Teams


In Order To

  • Increase impact as a team


Discovery Series: Chairs of Focus – – Workshop| 60 min| 12+ employees

All research on teams shows trust as the grease that makes the wheels of a team turn. We build trust and safety by being open with each other, keeping it real, and supporting each other’s growth through feedback. 

You focus on team members one at a time by having one person, then another, be in a ‘chair of focus’ until everyone has had a turn. For each round, a set of questions get worked – each person will have a chance to answer about themselves or hear from the team. 


These Can be Questions Like

  • What are your strengths? / What is this individual’s superpower?
  • What are your triggers? / How can you tell if this person is triggered?
  • What’s important to know to work effectively with me? / this person, etc.?


Suitable For

  • For teams that need to: Build trust 
  • New teams
  • Teams in transition
  • Cross-Functional Teams


In Order To

  • Explore how to best work together
  • Check-in and give feedback
  • Review, celebrate and learn from each other

Discovery Series: Resilience – – Workshop| 60 min| up to 12 employees

Teams that thrive, expect constant change, respond to setbacks with a learning mindset and have established practices to manage stress. 

  • To baseline measure the team’s resilience 
  • Identify, develop, and commit to key resilience practices and mindsets 
  • Prioritize building resilience as a team 
  • To build team resilience through exploring resilience 


Suitable For

  • For teams that need to: Resilience 
  • New teams
  • Teams in transition


In Order To

  • Strengthen the team’s challenges ahead
  • Improve wellbeing
  • Identify & invest in the team’s most useful resilience drivers

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Discovery Series: Healthy Conflict – Workshop| 90 min| up to 8 employees

Good teams aren’t afraid to get into robust discussions with multiple differences of opinion. They keep the focus on the problem they are trying to solve, show total respect throughout, and avoid both being overly polite or becoming argumentative and personal. 

  • Gain insight into strengths and opportunities around healthy conflict 
  • Experience working through a live issue and practising healthier conflict 
  • Commit to having more and better idea conflict moving forward 


Suitable For

  • For teams that need Healthy Conflict 
  • New teams
  • Teams in transition


In Order To

  • To have more inclusive team discussions
  • To have an even greater impact as a team


How it Works

  • Duration: 60-120 mins
  • Capacity: 8/12 participants virtually
  • Workshop leader: A life coach, Data Analyst at Facebook
  • Logistics: You’ll be provided with an exclusive link to the workshop, which will be streamed via Zoom/WebEx/Skype for Business or any other platform that works best for you 
  • Available: Globally


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