The Zen Warrior Program

7-day Detox Yoga Retreat –  Awake your Zen Warrior

Welcome to a space of relaxation

Welcome to a place of self-care

Welcome to a detox experience


Urban Yoga Lab presents the Zen Warrior Retreat.

Our resident yogi Alexandra Kafka and singer Erah Kings come together to offer you a collection of inspiring, enriching and immersive 7-days experiences. Yoga choreography classes accompanied by live music performances, sound improvisations, stress management workshops, cleansing breathing techniques, yoga under the stars, sound meditation and the sunnier climate of Greece are all married together to give your body and mind the post-lockdown boost it needs.


According to Harvard Health Publishing, music is an evidence-based way in easing the side-effects of mental conditions, like PTSD, anxiety, and high-blood pressure. That’s why we decided to offer a tailor-made detox retreat where sound wellness experiences are integral to the wellness journey of our guests.


With a wellness escape in the Mediterranean sunshine, this immunity-boosting retreat is sure to cure your lockdown blues, and with limited capacity in classes, outdoors activities and increased sanitation throughout the wellness retreat, social distancing won’t be a problem. We partner the retreat with a detox nutrition menu so that you can focus on your gut health which will better support your immunity. During your 7-day retreat, you can enjoy daily nourishing meals from the hotel’s health-conscious wellness cuisine menu.


More about the Retreat

Mindfulness can give us the fundamentals to enhance seven aspects of our wellbeing: sleep, energy levels, digestion, concentration, productivity, stress relief, focus and creativity. This retreat aims to produce a holistic healing of the mind, body and soul.


Join us for an inspiring seven-day immersion, letting go of external issues to focus on 8 pillars of a balanced lifestyle, one per day. This retreat aids guests in achieving their wellness goal in either detoxification, relaxation or stress relief with a series of specialised movement sessions, sound meditations, cleansing breathing techniques, and daily yoga classes.


We will spend seven mornings dedicating time on wellness activities using sound, physiology, meditation, and breathing to bring the body and mind into a state of balance. In this retreat, you will do daily activities such as hiking, jogging, and swimming but mindfully. This will allow you to start an inner-self journal that will help you solve internal issues and seeing life uniquely.


Join us for an inspiring seven-day immersion, letting go and honouring our process. Here is the Zen Warrior’s Program seven pillars


  1. Improve sleep
  2. Improve digestion
  3. Boost your energy levels
  4. Improve focus and concentration
  5. Boost your productivity
  6. Release stress
  7. Unleash your creativity


The practice will be suitable for absolute beginners. Your retreat pack includes menu suggestions and face mask recipe

This 7-day programme has the below inclusions:

  • 7x Group mind detox or meditation classes (30 mins)
  • 7x Group yoga classes (45 mins)
  • 7x Anti-stress Pranayama (breathing) sessions (30 mins)
  • 1x Workshop in Mindfulness Movement for Stress Release (45mins)
  • 1x Motivational Seminar in Mindfulness
  • 1x Wellness Workshop for Stress Relief
  • 1x Wellness Workshop for Boosting Creativity
  • 1x Wellness Workshop for Boosting Energy
  • 2x Journaling Workshops
  • Detailed debrief session and lifestyle consultation
  • 1x Complimentary e-book packed with our wellness tips along with a goodie bag


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