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Welcome to a place of self-care

Welcome to a detox experience


After the COVID-19 pandemic, our lives were changed forever. Work, home life, relationships; they all take place in one space: home. This is so overwhelming that sometimes it is hard to find a time (and a spot in the living room) for ourselves.

This is an invitation to some self-care time! Just let go, deeply detox yourself from problems, and use this nourishing time with us to explore the harmony within yourself and around you.

Our Wellness Retreats have been designed to help you navigate this new post-COVID-19 era, motivate, and vitalise your mind and body.

Our retreat options range from a gentle route to detox or a deep body cleansing, allowing you to relax, reset, and re-energise both on a physical and mental level. That way, you will learn new practices to get in touch with yourself between working life and home life. 

Not sure which Wellness Retreat is the best for you? Then let us know about your expectations and top priorities so that we can help you pick the right option for you.

Stay with us and indulge in one of our Winter Wellness Retreats! Choose among The Spiritual Warrior Programme, The Absolute Anti-Stress Programme, and The Zen Warrior Programme.




About our Resident Yogi & the Retreats

Urban Yoga Lab’s retreats were launched in 2015 by Alexandra Kafka, an ex-Tier 1 PR consultant based in London. After becoming a workaholic and experiencing constant burnout, Alexandra embarked on a two-year journey sailing around the globe visiting more than 43 countries. She studied yoga and meditation with some of the best mindfulness gurus in the world while spending time in spiritual centres in Thailand, the Philippines, and Peru.

Through a self-healing journey, she examined powerful ways of transforming her life through wellbeing practices. This led her to re-discover her life’s purpose: help as many people as possible using the mindfulness tools to reach their full potential. As a result, she curated three Wellness Retreats aiming to create life-enhancing experiences to offer the chance to travellers to completely disengage, clear their mind, yet uncover other ways of life. Once she came back to London, she launched Urban Yoga Lab, an innovative wellness start-up specialising in creating life-enhancing experiences to boost travellers’ health and fitness. Her mission is to offer a powerful mindfulenss toolkit to HNW & UHNW individuals who want to be both successful and Zen. 

Since 2015, here retreat programmes have been successfully distributed to more than 25 big brands like Soho House, Conrad Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Marriott, Royal Bank of Canada, BDO, and Wells Fargo.


Three Options of Wellness Retreats






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