The Absolute Anti-Stress Program

5-day Detox Retreat | Staycation

Our human body has a remarkable ability to rid itself of toxins and release blockages. However, in today’s world, this is becoming more and more challenging, resulting in both physical and mental health issues.

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Making Time to Unplug

Privacy, Seclusion, Safety

Explore the natural beauty of your home country with Urban Yoga Lab!

Urban Yoga Lab presents the 5-day Detox Retreat

Our resident yogi Alexandra Kafka and singer Erah Kings come together to offer you a collection of inspiring, enriching and immersive 5-days retreat experience.

Join us with your bubble to improve your health and fitness without having to go overseas. If you are looking for privacy and seclusion in the safety of your own bubble this spring then the 5-day Detox Retreat is the ideal option for you! We created a safe space where you can reconnect and embrace the beautiful British countryside while enjoying a multi-generational active trip where each member of your family can enjoy inspiring and enriching travel experiences.

If staying closer to home, is on top of your priorities you can experience our 5-day Detox Retreat to disconnect from the outside world, experience five-star service, and find a relaxing destination where you can spend quality time with you families and appreciate what life is all about. Yoga choreography classes accompanied by live music performances, sound improvisations, stress management workshops, cleansing breathing techniques, yoga under the stars, sound meditation are all married together to give your body and mind the post-lockdown boost it needs.

Immunity boosting-retreat

This immunity-boosting retreat is sure to cure your lockdown blues, and with limited capacity in classes, outdoors activities and increased sanitation throughout the wellness retreat, social distancing won’t be a problem. We partner the retreat with a detox nutrition menu so that you can focus on your gut health which will better support your immunity. During your 7-day retreat, you can enjoy daily nourishing meals from the hotel’s health-conscious wellness cuisine menu.

Your safety is considered throughout the resort with enhanced disinfecting systems (to keep all areas safe), should you want your meals in the privacy of your room, controlled use of the gym and pool areas, and reduced capacity for classes, increased outdoor activities to decrease contact between staff. Our main priority is to make your stay as relaxing as possible whilst keeping you safe.


What to expect

Join our 5-day Detox Yoga Retreat as the first steps of motivating transformation. You will have the best expert on hand to guide you through this relaxing, inner healing journey. Urban Yoga Lab’s resident yogi will share daily wellness activities that specialise in detoxifying the body from the inside out, such as juice cleansing, meditation, and cleansing breathing.

Releasing stress and anxiety in your everyday life is extremely important for maintaining your overall health. By taking care of yourself, you will keep your spirit uplifted, boost immune function, promote longevity, and inspire you to be more creative. It can also help improve relationships with friends and family. 


This program is open and suitable for absolute beginners

Your retreat pack has the below inclusions:

  • 5x Group mind detox or sound meditation (30 mins) 
  • 5x Group Detox yoga classes(45 mins)       
  • 5x Anti-stress Pranayama (breathing) sessions (30 mins) 
  • 1x Workshop in Mindfulness Movement for Stress Release (45mins)
  • 1x Motivational Seminar in Mindfulness
  • 1x Take-home advice kit

Extra services the hotel/resort might want to offer:

  • 1x Euphoria relaxing aroma massage (50 mins)                      
  • 5x Anti-stress detox juices                
  • 1x Anti-stress herbal supplement 
  • 1x Energizing & detoxifying scrub
  • 1x Wellness cooking experience                                                       BOOK A FREE CONSULTATION

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