Wellbeing Days & Weeks

Wellbeing Days & Weeks

We Believe in the Power of Business Success Through Mindfulness

Strong Expertise

Our wellbeing calendars are designed by highly qualified coaches with long experience in working with big corporations, who are trained to deliver interactive, engaging, and team bonding bespoke mindfulness programmes

Variety of Solutions

We offer a broad variety of seminars and workshops based on four wellbeing pillars (positive psychology, mindfulness, life coaching and mindset coaching). The variety of our programs aims to help you prioritise your employees' mental health in the best possible way

Flexible Services

All our packages are flexible, adjustable and molded to suit your employees' main needs and priorities

What We Do

Our Wellbeing Days & Weeks Agenda offers you the opportunity to designate time-off that your employees can use to recharge themselves and get them in the right headspace for their jobs. If caring about your employees is a core value of your business, then introducing wellbeing days will make your employees feel cared for — in a world full of pressure and stress.

Drawing on our experience working in the corporate world alongside our 20+ team of wellbeing teachers, coaches, and facilitators, we can design, promote and execute every aspect of your wellbeing event. We offer a mindfulness toolkit consisting of live-streamed group wellness activities including yoga, mindfulness and meditation classes along with mini webinars and workshops. We take into account the number of employees, your top wellbeing priorities, and your KPIs before coming to you with a bespoke package 100% tailor-made to your needs.

Our Clients

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Wellness Days & Months in 2021


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Format and Delivery

Duration: Customisable based on the offering for each day
Number of participants:
Up to 100 
Interactive and engaging exercises, webinars, or workshops
online via Zoom or company preferred video platform

Our Team

Our team consists of well-trained professionals like mindfulness coaches, Olympic athletes, psychologists, and happiness experts, who are passionate about improving the mental health and performance of employees all over the world, in companies big and small

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