Wellness Break-Out Sessions for Summits

Our Wellness Breaks

We Believe in the Power of Business Success Through Mindfulness


Our sessions are delivered by highly qualified professionals with long experience in working for big events including CodeSync Sumit, 2021, Kennedy's Law Senior Partners Summit, 2021, and the Human Resource Summit Virtual Edition, 2021.

Variety of Solutions

We have a broad variety of wellness solutions to help your audience improve their focus, motivate the speakers and create positive vibes in the room

Bespoke Services

Our professionals will advise you on each of our wellness categories (Focus, Energy, Mindfulness and Creativity) so that you can create a bespoke mixed and matched wellness menu to conduct a successful summit

What We Do

A conference can be interactive, fun, and full of energy experience. However, long hours of sitting can cause spine immobility, tightness in the area of the shoulders and the hips, and low blood circulation. That’s why getting the participants moving, stretching, and sharing can transform their overall conference experience into a very positive – both on a mental and a physical level.

Urban Yoga Lab introduces a series of wellness breaks aiming to mobilise the spine, stimulate blood flow, and energise the participants. Those sessions can be physical or virtual and take place during conferences/summits/awards.

Our Wellness Boosters are wellness break-out sessions, such as 10/20/30 min yoga, breathing, mindfulness and meditation, designed so that participants can decompress, have fun, while getting the chance to better connect with each other.

Four Types of Wellness Breakout Sessions



3 wellness breaks designed to boost the attention span and relieve stress in order to optimise productivity and performance



3 wellness sessions designed to boost dopamine levels, alleviate stress, and relieve tension in order to optimise energy levels



3 wellness sessions designed to boost oxygen levels in the brain, calm the mind, and in order to positively impact mental health 


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3 wellness sessions designed to boost relaxation, relieve stress, and open the mind in order to increase the capacity for creative thought

Format and Delivery

Duration: Customisable 10/20 minutes 
Number of participants:
Up to 10,000
Interactive and engaging wellness breaks
physical or virtual

Other Services

We offer a variety of webinars and workshops based on four key wellbeing categories including:

We also offer bespoke corporate wellness experiences & events including:

Our Team

Our team consists of highly qualified professionals like mindfulness coaches, Olympic athletes, transformational lifecoahes, and award-winning happiness experts, who are passionate about improving the mental health and performance of employees all over the world

Past Events


Focus Booster

Who: Summit Events

What: 'Human Resource Summit Virtual Edition'

When: March 2021

Where: UK

2021-02-26 (1)

Energy Booster

Who: Human Resource Executive

What: 'HR Technology Conference'

When: March 2021

Where: Wellness Lounge, UK

download (7)

Mindfulness Booster

Who: Senior Partnership Summit by Kennedy's Law

What: 'Facing the Future With Confidence'

When: 2021

Where: UK

download (6)

Creativity Booster

Who: She Leads media

What: 'She Leads Virtual Summit'

When: 2020

Where: UK

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