Wellness Classes

Wellnes Classes

We Believe in the Power of Success Through Wellness

Professional Instructors

Our sessions are delivered by highly qualified professionals with long experience in big events, who are trained to serve executives

Variety of Solutions

We have a broad variety of wellness solutions and are specialized in delivering stress management tools for international banks

Flexible Services

All our packages are flexible, adjustable and molded to suit your audience's needs

What We Do

Our Wellness Classes are a series of specialised yoga, pilates, and meditation classes designed to release tension and stress in the body through movement. Our team of passionate coaches and instructors is trained to work with those coming from the corporate world, who may not be familiar with such exercises, and will expertly guide any team into the world of wellness.

Through a detailed consultation, our team will help you choose the wellness menu and combination of classes that are best suited to your individual needs, in order to create a bespoke experience for your company.

Mix & Match Your Favourite Classes

Core Fitness

| 30 minutes |

Dynamic Pilates-inspired mini-workouts designed to strengthen the core muscles, improve posture and relieve back neck and shoulder pains.



Kung Fu Fitness

| 60 minutes |

A super dynamic fitness class based on authentic Shaolin Kung Fu Fitness training involving including cardio, strength, flexibility, stamina, coordination, balance, and concentration.

Guided Meditation

| 30 minutes |

A 20-minute meditation practice combined with a 10-minute breathing technique to help manage anxiety and stress




Vinyasa Flow Class

| 45 minutes |

A sequence of postures designed to synchronize breath with movement that will help build strength, increase flexibility, and bring mobility into the spine



Hatha Yoga Level 1

| 45 minutes |

Slow-paced yoga practices designed to calm the nervous system and help relax the body while bringing some flexibility into different muscle groups

Total Body Pilates

| 45 minutes |

A pilates session designed to hit every muscle group in order to ease tension, relieve stress and boost energy levels


Laughter Yoga

| 45 minutes |

A series of psychological yoga exercises designed to increase serotonin, and boost morale in order to leave you feeling happy and healthy

Restorative Yoga

| 45 minutes |

A slow-paced sequence of yoga exercises all about creating space designed to release tension in the body, and restore it to optimum condition

Dynamic Yoga

| 45 minutes |

A session designed to release dopamine and serotonin in the body through a series of dynamic exercises that will leave you sweaty but happy

Sculpt Yoga

| 45 minutes |

Set to upbeat music, this is a fusion yoga class aiming to sculpt the lower body, tone the core, build muscle strength, improve our postures and boost energy levels

Yoga Nidra

| 45 minutes |

A re-energizing guided meditation designed to release stress and tension by aiming to reach the state of consciousness between waking and sleeping

Format and Delivery

Duration: Meditation classes last 30 minutes, yoga classes 45 minutes and mindfulness boosters last 30 minutes
Number of participants:
Up to 10 people/session or to an unlimited number of participants depending on your package
Interactive and engaging exercises
online via Zoom or company preferred video platform

Our Team

Our team consists of well-trained professionals like mindfulness coaches, Olympic athletes, psychologists, and happiness experts, who are passionate about improving the mental health and performance of employees all over the world, in companies big and small

Our Credentials


Mindfulness Monday

Frequency: Weekly

Who: BDO

What: A combination of Yoga classes

When: July-November 2020

Where: London


Wellness Weeks

Frequency: Weekly

Who: Titan Cement Group

What: A combination of Anti-Stress Stretching, Pilates and Webinars

When: May-June 2021

Where: Zoom

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Wellness Wednesday

Frequency: Weekly

Who: Kennedy's Law

What: A combination of Meditation and Yoga

When: 2021

Where: Worldwide

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