Fitness Instructor

London, UK


Moon is a passionate gym instructor and personal trainer with a holistic fitness approach. Her practice is concerned with creating a synergy between the mind, the body and the soul connection.

She has expertise in various fitness areas, nutrition principles and their relation to physical activity.
Moon calls herself a recipe alchemist and sees the practice of creating food as alchemy, the art of transforming ingredients into new creations.

As a gym instructor, she offers different classes online and in person, as well as customized programs taking into consideration the client’s nutritional habits and personal training experience to create the right program.
“Through working together, you will gain the tools and confidence to take your wellbeing into your hands and level up your health”.


“Moon’s workouts are invigorating! It was great as the circuit focused on multiple muscles groups. After I felt relaxed mentally and physically. I would definitely recommend!

Louis Pattern

“Moon is a joyful, nurturing personal trainer. Her holistic approach centred around the menstrual cycle is amazing and her nutritional knowledge is endless. I look forward to each session!”

Jade Harwood