Urban Yoga Lab announce a collaboration with @TheMorcad

by Urban Yoga Lab

May 31, 2022

The collaboration is based on the synergy between two brands that share similar core values and both focusing on all facets of corporate wellbeing.

The More Card was launched in 2021, and is a platform that shares discounts, exclusives and limited editions from the best independent British brands.

Our collaboration will help us to focus on creating and promoting a better work environment and moving closer towards this new world of employee wellbeing we all dream of. This is also an alliance between two UK brands that places ethical values at the first row, alongside values of Sustainability, Equality, Diversity and Accessibility.

Morcad will share some of Urban Yoga Labs’ programmes with a discount available on their members-only platform:

  • 20% off our Zen Warrior Programme: a two-month programme that focuses on different key wellbeing areas including focus; energy, mindfulness and creativity
  • 20% off monthly subscription on Oxyzn digital wellbeing studio, complemented with an interactive calendar, 30+ live monthly activities and a 360-degree wellbeing programme.

More amazing news coming soon! Check our calendar to see whats more to come: Calendar

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