CIPD Summit 2023

At Oxyzn, we believe in the power of well-being and its positive impact on individuals and organizations.  We are a team of 45 people – award-winning International Speakers, Elite Olympic Athletes, Life-
Coaches from Facebook, and Drs in Psychology with corporate experience.

About our Wellness Breakout Sessions

Oxyzn introduce a series of wellness breaks that can take place during virtual conferences, summits, or awards.

  • These sessions can help participants:
  • Feel re-energized
  • Improve their focus
  • Motivate the speakers
  • Create positive vibes in the room

The energy at the Wellbeing Village was off the charts! Engaging discussions, transformative experiences, and connections that left us buzzing with inspiration. It was a gathering of passionate souls seeking a balanced lifestyle—a true celebration of personal growth.

4 Ways to Balance the Soul, Body, & Mind During a Summit or Conference

Focus: The ability to focus is instrumental to getting the most out of a conference. Short physical exercises can help participants pause and refocus on the present moment.

Energy: Wellness exercises can help boost energy during a summit by providing participants with an opportunity to reset and recharge.

Anti-stress: Mindfulness exercises are a form of meditation that help to reduce stress, improve concentration, and foster a sense of overall wellbeing.

Creativity: Boosting this aspect of the mind will make any conference or summit more engaging.


Since 2020 we have delivered our virtual wellness break out sessions to more than 17 big conferences & summits in markets in the UK, US, & EU, and have served more than 20,000 attendants.