London, UK


Konstantinos is the founder and creator of the vegan food blog Beets me. He was born in Germany where he lived his first years before moving to Greece. After completing his studies in interior design and architecture he worked in many different jobs in order to find out what would suit him better. He has loved cooking since a very young age, though he has never had any professional training.

In 2008 he decided to turn to a plant based diet and after a while he went vegan which ultimately was the reason he started cooking more often and eventually creating his own recipes.

In 2016 he joined Instagram and started posting his daily vegan dishes and in 2018 he started working on his food blog which went live in March 2019.

Since then he has been posting two new vegan recipes each week, sharing cooking tips, hacks and videos, while promoting the vegan spirit! Additionally in October 2021 his first cooking book got published in Greece.

Through his work he aim to promote compassion to all living beings, respect to nature, love and a healthy living.