Marilena Dalla

Corporate Wellness Coach

London, UK


Marilena is a certified corporate wellness coach and mental health first aider. Her training focuses on helping managers become leaders who manage people compassionately using business principles, positive psychology and best practice, and thus make their organisations employers of choice. Being a HR generalist with several years of advisory experience in big corporations, she is most passionate about transforming work environments to places where employees can feel comfortable being themselves and valued for it, and thus can be creative, productive, have a sense of belonging and feel proud of their work. Her great experience in manager training allows her to use different training methods and techniques and she provides all the tools the trainees need to apply their newly gained knowledge and skills at their job roles. In her employee programmes she loves combining several different practices such as laughter therapy, art practice, mindfulness and others, aiming to help create happy workplaces where people flourish. She believes that happiness and health start from the inside both for our bodies and for organisations and by looking after their employees, companies are building strong foundations to grow and prosper.

Her vision is a future where workplaces are seen as creative environments where people are keen to be. She believes that work should not be suffering, it can be a great, very rewarding experience, and she wants to spread the word.