The Power Within: Fostering Women’s Empowerment at Work

Date: Tuesday 18 July, 6p.m.

Address: 24-26 Maddox St, London W1S 1PP

Panel Event Briefing

About the event

Our first Zen Warrior panel series at the AllBright was an enormous success, and we are over the moon to be bringing an extra special panel to discuss women’s empowerment. In this series, lead speakers share honest life insights and walk ups through their career journey and what it took to get where they are, and the lessons learned. Join us for an action-packed event that includes a panel discussion, a mini mindfulness workshop, drinks, gift bags, and networking with HR executives from brands like KPMG, Marriott and HSBC. Your invitation includes a plus one, so feel free to let us know who is joining you!

For this Zen Warrior event, we will be joined by an awe-inspiring panel including TEDx speaker Petra Velzeboer and DEI award-winning keynote speaker Felicia Rickards, to welcome 30 in-person attendees. This is a great opportunity to connect with like-minded HRs, mingle and chat for an evening of networking, inspirational stories and discussion around the importance of women empowerment.

Who is it for

• HR leaders and event managers looking to retain and attract female talent

• Women working in the workplace

Discussion Points

Some of the key subjects discussed will include. How to:

• Beware of unconscious bias

• Pave a path for women in leadership

• The impact of DEI on cultural strength

• The importance of equitable workplace culture

At the end of the discussion, each panelist will be asked to provide one key takeaway for attendees to action as soon as they return to their business.

About Urban Yoga Lab & Oxyzn

Over the past three years, Urban Yoga Lab and Oxyzn have helped over 75 leading organizations such as Wells Fargo, RBC and Soho House to discover innovative ways of empowering their female professionals to boost their performance, prevent burnout and build resilience through evidence-based tools based on mindfulness, elite sports psychology and neuroscience.

What’s included in a single invitation:

• Access to AllBright for the event

• Playback links to re-watch sessions

• Complimentary drinks

• Access to our Oxyzn app

• Opportunity to book in for professional headshots for your social media channels

• Access to mentors and coaches

• Connect with other attendees to share ideas and practice your networking skills

• Benefit from access to our mentors

• Goodie bags

• Speak with Urban Yoga Lab’s team about getting a complimentary awareness package

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