• Hacks

    3 Ways for a Better Sleep Hygiene

    How to improve my sleep Quality? The current pandemic is taking an emotional toll on almost all of us. Most of us have been plugged into another reality, away from our workplaces and friends; [...]

  • Rituals

    A Beginner’s Guide on ‘Habit Formation’

    What are the steps to form a habit? We have all heard about a great opportunity to reprogram our minds during this pandemic and make some big changes in how we live our day-to-day [...]

  • Did you know?

    5 Ways in which Yoga Helps Dating and Relationships

    How can Yoga Help with Dating and Relationships? A soulful connection is hard to come by. But one way to make it easier is by engaging in soulful activities such as yoga. Engaging in [...]

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    The Secrets of the Dating Formula (best dating advices)

    What are the best dating advice? The world has recently faced uncertain times and if you think you are having trouble balancing your professional and personal life this year, you are not alone! Do [...]

  • Did you know?

    Why is Meditation Helpful? 3 Facts You Need to Know

    How can Meditation leads to a state of Well-being? In response to the current coronavirus crisis, the team of Urban Yoga Lab put together a small guide on how to find calmness and balance [...]

  • Psychology

    How to Make Peace With Your Difficult Emotions?

    What are the Steps to get rid of the Negative emotions we Have? During this pandemic, it seems that new pathways present themselves for us to feel our emotions. Not only to feel them [...]