• Psychology

    How does Burnout Affect Womens in 2022

    How Burnout Affects Women? Burnout is becoming an ever increasing presence within the work environment where employees are losing motivation for work and creating a negative feedback loop of emotions [...]

  • Did you know?

    2 Ways to Take Control Over Your Thoughts

    How to stop overthinking? Step 1: Practise Gratitude to control your mind Every time you feel stressed and like overthinking is taking control over you, try to write down a quick list of things [...]

  • Did you know?

    9 Easy Steps to Help You Practice Tapping

    Written by Alexandra Kafka, Urban Yoga Lab’s founder. Why tapping is necessary? So much of the time, we feel like we have little control over our negative emotions and consequently over our own lives. [...]

  • Hacks

    3 Ways for a Better Sleep Hygiene

    How to improve my sleep Quality? The current pandemic is taking an emotional toll on almost all of us. Most of us have been plugged into another reality, away from our workplaces and friends; [...]

  • Rituals

    A Beginner’s Guide on ‘Habit Formation’

    What are the steps to form a habit? We have all heard about a great opportunity to reprogram our minds during this pandemic and make some big changes in how we live our day-to-day [...]

  • Did you know?

    5 Ways in which Yoga Helps Dating and Relationships

    How can Yoga Help with Dating and Relationships? A soulful connection is hard to come by. But one way to make it easier is by engaging in soulful activities such as yoga. Engaging in [...]